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Some bosses think their people do less when working from home

Microsoft has become the leader of productivity over many decades. Can you imagine doing your day to day work without their software? So it’s no surprise the tech giant recently conducted a major new survey into productivity in the workplace – and some of the results might surprise you. Researchers surveyed 20,000 people working for […]

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Teams from launching when Windows 11 starts up

The majority of them who depend on it adore Teams. There’s no way around it. However, it may be aggravating. For example, when you turn on your Windows 11 computer, it instantly opens. It’s quite easy to alter your behaviour. How to do it is shown in our new video.

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‘Do Not Disturb’ now means just that.

Imagine having hours to focus on your most critical activities without being interrupted by your coworkers. Isn’t it the stuff of dreams? A new improvement to Windows 11 will allow you to focus on your job without being distracted. How to do it is shown in our new video.

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