Here’s a crazy question….

Are you paying your IT support partner enough 

Here’s a ridiculous question:

Are you adequately compensating your IT support provider?

How did we arrive to the year 2021 so quickly?

Business owners and managers, like us, are looking forward to the start of another year at this time of year. Who knows what 2022 will bring?

Do you have any lofty ambitions for the coming year? Are you planning your budgets for 2022 yet?

According to reports, 56 percent of firms aim to raise IT spending next year, owing to the pandemic’s encouragement of flexible working arrangements.

While you’ve certainly pondered “what precisely are we paying for?” at least once, it’s unlikely you’ve ever thought about whether you’re paying enough for your IT and technology support.

It’s understandable; these are exceptional times. Even in the greatest of economic times, you don’t want to waste money or spend more than is necessary.

Technology, on the other hand, is extremely different. There’s a reason we call ourselves clients’ partners. We’re not just a supplier who provides a service.

That’s the simple solution. We’ve known for a long time that this isn’t something we want to do.

Instead, we immerse ourselves in every area of their company and its future development. This is a lengthy and resource-intensive procedure. However, it is absolutely necessary so that we can:

  • Understand each and every company with which we collaborate.
  • Ascertain that their technology makes it simple for them to achieve their expansion objectives.
  • And make certain that their technology never, ever, ever holds them back.

One of the reasons our clients return to us year after year is because of this.

It’s a waste of money to choose an IT supplier just on the basis of price. If you’re paying too little, you’re exposing

Big risk one: You’re getting a cheap service rather than a true partnership  yourself to one of four major dangers:

One significant risk is that you will receive a low-cost service rather than a meaningful relationship.

The goal should not be to pay your IT support provider as little as possible. You’ve heard the expression, “If it appears too good to be true, it generally is.”

Ordinary business owners and managers (like you) don’t completely comprehend technology and all the complexity that come with it, which is one of our biggest marketing challenges.

To be honest, you don’t have to. We’re here to help you with the translation.
However, when comparing the services and prices of various IT firms, this means

You may believe you’re comparing apples with apples… When you’re comparing apples to oranges, you’re actually comparing apples to oranges.

It’s for a reason that a provider is low-cost. Perhaps they do not invest in all of the sophisticated equipment that ensure the safety of their clientele. There are a lot of them, but they’re all required to deliver continuous, high-quality service.

“If you pay peanuts…” goes another old adage.

This also leads to the next major danger…

Big risk two: Your provider is under resourced 

Anyone can set up an IT support company. There are zero barriers to entry. And a lot of these new starters are technicians who have decided to go it alone. 

Nothing wrong with that. That’s how our business started a very long time ago. 

What they soon discover (as we quickly found out) is that these days there is a LOT more to truly proactive technology support, than just fixing computers when they are broken. 

That way of thinking about IT support expired ten to 15 years ago. Today as a technology partner, it’s our job to think strategically about cyber security, infrastructure and your business growth. 

That means working ahead to prevent problems, and doing strategic reviews to ensure you are truly supporting every client in every way. 

Our entire business is built around this way of working. 

The problem with a lone technician who’s out winning clients in the day and then servicing them in the evening, is they struggle to operate at a strategic level. If you personally started your business, you’ll know what it’s like in the first few years. 

As much as we all “wing it” a bit at the start, you really, really don’t want to put the technology strategy and data security of your business in the hands of someone who’s in that startup zone. 

Because another risk is… 

Big risk three: Your provider is not proactively doing what they should be doing to keep your business and its data protected. This leads to your staff suffering decreased productivity and increased hassle 

It’s great to have an IT support company available when things go wrong. There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of a responsive helpdesk. 

However, the real goal is for you and your team to NOT have to contact the helpdesk regularly.  

You see, a big part of the way your technology partner should work is to take a 100% strategic approach. 

What does that mean? 

It means investing in the latest clever (and expensive) tools to monitor what’s happening to every device on every part of your network. Constantly looking for early symptoms of issues that can create problems and interrupt your staff. 

And then fixing those problems, before anyone is even aware of them. 

It’s in everyone’s best interests to reduce the number of times you have to reach out for support. Your people are more productive, and it’s more efficient for us to plan proactive work than respond to reactive work. 

This also includes keeping everything updated, all the time. Hardware and software. It’s one of the most important practices of data security. And something our team is laser focused on every day. 

Let’s move to the final risk… 

Big risk four: You will quickly outgrow them 

We’re all pursuing business growth. But it will cause huge problems if your business outgrows your IT support provider.  

That’s more about the attitude of the IT business’s leadership, than the size of it.  

What you need is an ambitious technology partner who can grow with you.  

Of course, this higher level of strategic support comes with a higher cost. But it’s worth bearing in mind that you really do get what you pay for. You’re effectively paying to insure your business against a total disaster.  

Time to talk about your business in 2022? 

Back to that question again – are you paying enough for your IT support? 

If you’re not getting the level of service that you think you should be, the answer is probably no.  

Is it time to do something about it? 

Whenever your contract ends in 2022, it’s worth us having a conversation now. 

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