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13/12/2020 This is what happens when you try and fit the wrong heatsink to your Graphics Card

And when it stops working you try and re-ball the GPU with a blowtorch

26/11/2020 Speed up your Internet From 0.5 mbps upto 40 mbps with Mobile Broadband

That was the claim I made to a client out in the sticks of Boat of Garten

There are lots of homes and Business all over scotland who have slow and unreliable internet, This is a great way of getting fast internet at a low cost.

I carried out a site survey before starting the job, This enabled me to assess the speeds the local mobile phone mast was giving the area.

In this area the Maximum speeds were upto 30mbps which was a lot better than the 0.5mbps slow speeds they were getting with BT.

I installed a 4G antenna to the side of the drain pipe and the cable coming in through the window which connected to a TP-Link 4G 4 port Router, The best mobile carrier for the area was Three Mobile which was £11 per month for the first 6 months and £22 a month after , it was a 12 month contract.

Bearing in mind BT were charging £45 per month for internet and line rental

I set up the Wifi so it covered the whole house and carried out speed tests which were like night and day to the ones prior to the install.

If anyone needs this system installed please call us. 🙂