New gadgets hitting the shops.

Three innovative methods for getting more from your teams.

Three innovative methods for getting more from your teams. Every company we work with that uses Teams believes that it’s a fantastic tool for communication and collaboration. We have a plethora of Team-friendly techniques. Here are three that you may have never seen before. Give us a call today or …

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Microsoft Lifts… Get yourself more productive

Do you want to be more productive? Consider using Microsoft Lists. We’ve all benefitted from a slew of new productivity tools in the last several years. It’s been fantastic. However, if your main issue is just being organised, nothing beats a list. Especially the List tool from Microsoft. See how …

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Here’s a crazy question….

Are you paying your IT support partner enough?   Here’s a ridiculous question: Are you adequately compensating your IT support provider? How did we arrive to the year 2021 so quickly? Business owners and managers, like us, are looking forward to the start of another year at this time of year. Who knows what …

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