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Things I get asked a lot : Destroy My Data

How can I make sure no one can access the data on my old hard drive.

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to destroy your hard drive. But for most folks, it’s for data security. Our gadgets contain sensitive information like credit card details and home addresses. You wouldn’t want these in the wrong hands

Take it to the Range.

Fire a 50 calibre round from 400 yards away 🙂

Brute Force

Want to release some pent up anger? Then destroying your hard drive using blunt force should come easy. Please note that there will be small flying debris and possibly scattered parts. Make sure to wear protective gear, like gloves and/or goggles to protect your person.

Make the damage massive. Aluminium platters in desktops for example, can have a giant scratch or crack, and experts can still read information on it. This is all thanks to modern forensic labs. In fact, some labs can recover your info without needing to spin the platters.

Drilling Holes

An effective method for rendering the platters unreadable is by drilling holes on them. You can achieve this with the traditional hammer and nail approach, or you can use a drill. Instead of drilling holes, another alternative is to disassemble the hard drive and grind and/or sand the surface of the platters. If you don’t have a drill then this might be a fancy reason to get one.

Over Writing

Windows and Mac OS X software have overwrite utilities that can help you protect data. The downside is that, it could leave ‘ghost’ traces, which other programs or experts can still retrieve. Should your hard drive be included in litigation, overwritten files do not sit well with the jury, even if no one can read the files there anymore. That’s because it just makes you look guilty – even if you’re not.

Throw it in a furnace

Most people may advise you to burn or melt your hard drive. This can be challenging as their magnetic properties usually require super high heat. Not to mention the fumes that will come out will be toxic for your health. This method works – but is NOT recommended.

For this, you may opt for a blowtorch or regular bonfire. If you have a kiln, you can throw it there as most kilns produce about 1,500 °C (2,732 °F) of heat, enough to dissolve your sensitive information forever.

Or you could just take it to us for safe data disposal & Recycling

A False Sense of Security

One-third of the world’s largest enterprises use inadequate data sanitization to prevent data breaches at end-of-life

At Baztex we can remove all the data from your drive so nothing can be retrieved.

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