Minimizing Human Error: Identifying Your Top Cybersecurity Risk

When it comes to cyber attacks, small and medium-sized businesses often find themselves as prime targets. However, the weakest link in your security chain is your employees. Minimizing Human Error: Identifying Your Top Cybersecurity Risk to safeguard your business, it is crucial to provide comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training for every individual within your organization. But before diving into training, a strategic approach is essential.

• What is the current level of your security knowledge? • What are the primary risks your business faces? • How can you develop an effective training plan? • How can you assess the effectiveness of your training efforts?

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You can build the biggest, strongest wall in the world.

But if your security guard lets people just walk through the gate by flashing a fake ID… then you have a staff training problem.

And that’s why your people are the biggest cyber security risk in your business.

Countless studies show that human error is behind the vast majority of successful cyber attacks.

If your team’s trained in what to look for – the warning signs of a security breach, and what to do if they think an attack’s happening – they become a security strength not a weakness.

For training to be effective, you need to cover 3 main areas.

First, observe your people and look at your systems. Identify the biggest risks and knowledge gaps within your team. And then train on those areas.

Second, make sure training is engaging. Some of your team might cringe at the thought of interactive quizzes or role play, but… they work.

When training’s fun, people retain the information and are more likely to act on it.

And third, do check the training has worked.

Test your people with fake phishing attacks they’re not expecting.

Think of this like a fire drill. If people fall for a fake scam, they’re still a risk to your security and may need more training.

But if everyone spots it and reports it? Then you know they’ll slam the door in a real criminal’s face. Great job!

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