Office Relocation Service

We understand that moving offices is a daunting task, and even more of a worry when you finally realise you have to move your IT infrastructure. Our experienced technicians are on hand to plan and help move your IT.

Have you considered the downtime involved in your move? Have you thought about e-mail access while you’re offline? Is your relocation team competent or even insured for moving IT equipment?

As experts in IT relocation we understand the business risks you face, but we would love to make the whole process a little less stress-free.

We’re the experts You can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible technical expertise when moving your IT equipment.

Reducing downtime, eliminating risk We want the move of your IT infrastructure to be as painless as possible so we identify risk and look to reduce downtime.

Our technician will identify the process for moving your IT equipment and identify risks.

Our partner Moving Distance or your provider will physically move the hardware to the new location.

Our specialists back at our office will draw up a plan of action so that the move will go smoothly.

We reinstall the hardware into your new office and check that everything is running correctly.